Marine House

The term 'Marine House' is a closely associated by those who have served on Marine Security Guard (MSG) Duty, also known as Embassy Duty. The 'Marine House' is known as a place of refuge, camaraderie and of entertainment and social activity. MSG Duty Marines are an unaccompanied tour; when stationed thousands of miles away from home and family, this place of solace is welcomed second home.

Located two (2) miles west of Mandan on Highway 10, this iconic facility has been in a full-out reconstruction mode since the fall of 2015. With over 3,000 volunteer Marine-Hours, over 24-ton of lathe, plaster, garbage and debris hauled away and significant community support, our son-to-be place of solace, our 'Marine House', will soon be serviceable again where it will serve as a place of assembly, outreach and community events.

Originally constructed in 1915 as the Price Consolidated School, this structure served the school children of Price, ND through 1942. After sitting vacant for 17 years, the Mandan VFW Post purchased the building in 1959 and had it moved to its current location that same year. It served the VFW post and community through the 1980s at which time it fell vacant once more. After years of neglect and a change of ownership, local businessman and property owner, Fred Berger, gifted the building to the Detachment for the purpose of ‘making it come to life’.

The main floor of this facility features a 1000 sqft main assembly hall, used for detachment meetings and functions. Seating may be configured theater style, classroom style or banquet rounds. The main floor also features an additional 500 sqft area with ADA bathrooms and a standard kitchen with a serving window. The basement layout includes a pool table/recreation area, conference table with seating and a TV/theater room along with an additional bathroom and an office for Detachment leadership.

Information on facility rental and usage will be made public when renovations are complete.

Donations supporting the Marine House Renovations may be sent to:

Dakota Leathernecks Marine House - PO Box 583 - Mandan, ND 58554