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MARINE HOUSE - Dakota Leathernecks Detachment #1419


Marine House

The term 'Marine House' is a term used by those who have served on Marine Security Guard (MSG) Duty, also known as Embassy Duty. The 'Marine House' is known as a place of refuge, camaraderie and of entertainment and social activity. MSG Duty Marines are an unaccompanied tour; when stationed thousands of miles away from home and family, this place of solace is welcomed second home.

Located two (2) miles west of Mandan on Highway 10, this iconic facility has been in a full-out reconstruction mode since the fall of 2015. With over 5,000 volunteer Marine-Hours, over 24-ton of lathe, plaster, garbage and debris hauled away and significant community support, our place of solace, our 'Marine House', will soon be serviceable again where it will serve as a place of assembly, outreach and community events.

The Main Floor of our Marine House is available for rent for your company party, family gathering or your club meeting. Information on facility rental is available below.

Donations supporting the Marine House Renovations may be sent to:

Dakota Leathernecks Marine House - PO Box 583 - Mandan, ND 58554


Pictured above is a visual history of the life of this structure, being reborn time and again. With strong determination from Detachment members, its Building Committee and significant community support, more than $200,000 of in-kind contributions and over $65,000 in fundraising efforts, Detachment members invested more than 5,000 volunteer Marine Hours and hauled out lathe, plaster and debris exceeding 24-ton.

Originally constructed in 1915 as the Price Consolidated School #9, this structure served the children of Price, ND (approximately 25 miles due north of its current location) through 1942. After sitting vacant for 17 years, the Mandan VFW Post 707 purchased the building in 1959 and had it moved to its current location that same year. It served the VFW post and community through the late 1980s at which time it fell vacant once more. After years of neglect and a change of ownership, local businessman and property owner, Fred Berger, gifted the building to the Dakota Leathernecks Detachment #1419 of the Marine Corps League for the purpose of ‘making it come to life’.

The main floor of this facility features a 1,000 sqft main assembly hall, used for detachment meetings and events. Seating may be configured theater style, classroom style or banquet rounds. The main floor also features an additional 500 sqft area with ADA bathrooms and a standard kitchen with a serving window. The basement layout includes a pool table/recreation area, conference table with seating and a TV/theater room along with an additional bathroom and an office for Detachment leadership.

The Marine House serves as a meeting facility for the Detachment as well as a place of outreach for its members (internally and externally). The Marine House also serves as headquarters for the Department of North Dakota. The Marine House will be available for rental opportunities to the membership and the public; however, Detachment/Department events will maintain a priority in scheduling.

Main Hall of the Marine House is comprised of an approximate 1000 sq/ft main assembly room with a bar, ADA bathrooms and a standard kitchen (not licensed for food preparation).

Main Hall assembly room has multiple configuration options:

• Theater Seating – 100 seat capacity

• Classroom seating – 30-60 seat capacity (pending configuration)

• Banquet Seating – 64 seat capacity with 6’ round tables

• Banquet Seating – 102 seat capacity will rectangle tables

Parking is limited and shall be coordinated with each event. Land adjacent to the Marine House is not property of the Marine House. All efforts should be exercised to ensure this area(s) is not infringed on.

Outside beverages are not allowed. All beverages will be served through the Marine House and will be purchased on a donation basis. Members/guests are encouraged to purchase Detachment tokens – which may be transferred for beverages.

The Marine House is smoke-free.

The Marine House is available for rent on the following categories and applicable base charges:

• Detachment Members – ½ Day rental (not to exceed 6 hours) - $125

• Detachment Members – Full Day Rental (between 6 and 12 hours) - $200

• Non-Detachment Members – ½ Day Rental (not to exceed 6 hours) - $200

• Non-Detachment Members – Full Day Rental (between 6 and 12 hours - $350

• Meetings - (daytime - not to exceed 2 hours) – Monday through Friday: $30 | Saturday or Sunday: $50. Valid Marine Corps and Veteran Service Organizations may schedule meetings at the Marine House weekdays (Mon-Fri) at no charge.

• Rentals will not interfere with Detachment or Department activities.

The Detachment reserves the right to refuse service/rental to any individual/organization which will hinder and/or tarnish the vision, mission and/or image of the Marine Corps League.


The Marine House property includes several plastic tables of varying sizes and several stack chairs. These tables and chairs are to remain inside the Marine House. They will not be available for separate rental nor are they to be taken outside for events/activities.

Additional Rental Information:

• A security deposit of $250 will apply to all rental agreements and will be submitted with a signed rental agreement before any event will be scheduled.

• Rental fees must be paid in-full thirty (30) days prior to the event. Payment methods accepted are: Visa/MasterCard, Cash, Check or Money Order. Rental fees not paid by due date are subject to a $25 late-fee. Bookings made less than 30-days prior must pay ALL FEES in-full at the time of booking.

• All facility rentals come with one (staff) attendant. Additional attendants will be billed at a rate of $100.00 per event and will be present (on-site) for the full event.

• Pending event type, licensed and bonded Security may be required, to be paid by Renter.

• If an event requires early setup or rehearsal time before the actual event (such as for weddings, large events or recitals), a Rehearsal/ Early Setup Fee of $100 will be charged.

• Rental will include access to the kitchen; outside food/caterers are allowed. Renter must provide all paper plates, bowls, cups and utensils.

• All set-up and general clean-up of areas used is the responsibility of the renter. General cleaning includes all garbage removed from Main Hall, Kitchen and Bathrooms, (applicable) food removed from kitchen, floors swept, tables/chairs organized. Arrangement of any tables, chairs, equipment and or decorations, etc. must not interfere with access to any exits to the building. Set-up and clean-up of all areas must occur so as to not interfere with other scheduled activities.

Facility rental is for Main Floor only. The Marine House basement is off-limits to all those not members-in-good-standing of the Marine Corps League; unless they are escorted by a member-in-good-standing of the Marine Corps League.

Renters assume full responsibility for their party and guests in case of damage, theft or disturbances during the event.

All beverages will be purchased through the Marine House.

The Detachment reserves the right to refuse service/rental to any individual/organization which will hinder and/or tarnish the vision, mission and/or image of the Marine Corps League.

Day of Details:

The day of your event is all about the details, and we’re here to help you understand what you will be responsible for and what we will take care of. To help answer your questions, here are some general expectations and housekeeping items.

What We Do:

• Provide one on-site staff person for the duration of your event.

• Walk through of the facility to show the areas and supplies you have access to.

• Provide tables and chairs at each facility – call for exact tally.

• Assist in answering questions and troubleshooting during your event.

• Guide your clean up and walk through the building to inspect prior to your departure.

• Maintain restrooms and ensure they are stocked and clean throughout the event.

• Ensure that alcohol is only consumed within the facility. NO ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED OUTSIDE.

You should expect to:

• Arrive at your scheduled start time.

• Our staff is not able to sign for or receive deliveries. We do not allow overnight storage—all belongings and outside rental items need to be taken with you at the end of your rental.

• Set up tables, chairs and other supplies as needed for your event.

• Maintain control of your group and ensure policies are enforced.

• Clean up following your event, finishing by the end of your rental times.

• Renter MUST clean kitchen and kitchen equipment, thoroughly, if applicable.

• Bring all your own extension cords, tape and ladders. We do not provide any of these items.

• You will need to provide all items required for food storage, service and prep.

• We have a specific amount of tables and chairs; should you need more than what is supplied it is up to you to rent them from an outside vendor.

Rental Rules and Regulations:

• Rental hours are between 7am-12am depending on availability. All cleaning must conclude by 12am.

• No confetti or loose glitter can be used. Use of either will result in an excess cleaning fee.

• Sparklers are not allowed on the property.

• Set-up begins at the agreed upon start time for your rental. Early delivery of supplies is not permitted.

• All items brought into a facility by the renter are to be removed by the end of the rental period.

• Renters will place garbage in the outside dumpster located against the feed lot. If dumpsters are full, renters must ensure all garbage is in bags and placed OUTSIDE of dumpsters. If there is any loose garbage found outside of bins renters will forfeit their security deposit.

• Cleaning supplies (mops, brooms, cleansers, trash bags, etc.) are available. Ask staff for supplies.

• It is the responsibility of the renter group to set up and move furnishings as desired.

• Renters will be asked to replace all furnishings to their original position before leaving the facility unless the tear down fee has been paid.

• Decorations on walls or windows are allowed with non-marring tape. No tacks, staples, glue or similar adhesion is allowed. Decorations should not be placed on furniture, woodwork, exhibits or artifacts. Tape is not allowed on the walls. Signage may be placed in the Marine House, with the permission.

• Open flame/lit candles are prohibited.

• Use of drugs, smoking, or gambling is not permitted. Smoking is NOT permitted within 25 feet of any door. Renters are responsible for picking up refuse.

• Renters must keep their party in the areas rented and out of other spaces in the building.

• Minors on the premises must have adult supervision at all times.

• Event participants must park in designated parking areas only.

• We spent a lot of effort refinishing the original floors – we ask your support in protecting them. Items with metal or wood feet should be placed on felt or carpet square to avoid damage to flooring.

• The on-duty Marine House Staff will inform all guests and event organizers of “last call” prior to the conclusion of the event. It is the responsibility of the event organizer(s) to ensure that all guests have properly vacated the premises (including the parking lot). The Detachment asks your cooperation in vacating the Marine House at the time designated.

Marine House Rental includes:

• Tables

• Chairs (100 person capacity in Main Hall)

• Lectern/Podium

• Large screen television

• Secure WiFi internet access (Contact Building Manager for access code)

Additional items may incur additional charges; please confirm at time of rental confirmation.

• Coffee urn (full service)

• Table Linens (standard color is black)

• Place settings

• In the event the renting party needs audio/visual equipment not available at the Detachment, the renting party will need to contract with an outside vendor for those additional audio/visual needs.